newest garden tricks

Magic willow- incredible properties

Incredible news about the willow.... Every part of it, whether trunk or little branch can produce a new plant. But the "aspirin-tree" provides still more interesting things!

Growing and multiplying mango seeds

What does a gardener when he is bored? He begins to play with his food - this time it's a mango fruit.

Drought damage at conifers. Amazingly caused by the winter.

"Can my japanese hinoki cypress still be saved?" ... After harsh winters a cry for help with an unexpected solution.

Maple tree: No cut is the best cut

The maple tree belongs to the plants that do not like to be cut. But we do not want to deprive you a possibility how it will survive without any damage. The reason is because a maple tree will bleed when it is cut at the wrong time.

Cutting ornamental grasses in the spring

Cutting ornamental grasses in the spring. A new look in the new year.

How to cut hydrangeas

Cutting Hydrangeas. When and how?

Pruning a walnut tree

Pruning extreme. If you plan to cut a walnut tree, you must exactly know at which season. If not, you'll get an unexpected experience!

Pruning trees (harvest section)

Rich harvest by reduction. What good is the tree excess greens and fruits that he can not provide? As so often, it also means the return section: less eat more!

How to cut a weeping willow

This is a requested article about the weeping willow. Many of our visitors are interested in this strongly growing tree. Perhaps because it's born to be wild?

Pruning trees - Types and Reasons

Trees grow up and get bigger- this can not be avoided. But how they grow can be determined by a cut. Which may be reasons to cut a tree at all explains the following description.