newest garden tricks

Growing tomatoes in winter

You are in daily contact with countless plant seeds. Not noticed yet? Why don'tt you simply plant them ?

Trimming hedges- hidden knowledge

The right rear section. The vegetative preference trapazoider formalities.

Juice-balance. Understanding plants.

If you want to be a successful gardener, you must know the term 'juice balance'. Because gardening is also applied plant physics. This principle is already half the win for a green thumb.

cutting roses in autumn

The rose cut in late autumn is a forward-looking measure. Who allowes himself to see a bit into the future, is enormously in advantage.

Permanent rose cut in the summer.

Accelerated flowering strength. Not only roses show at its best when you get space for buds.

Pruning rosest: cutting roses in spring

Down with your roses when forsythia blooms! A comprehensive guide for pcutting roses in the spring.

Pruning roses: basic knowledge for cutting in spring

Leaning before pruning! What you will learn from this article about the spring-cut of roses is a basic model for almost all plants. Learn to understand your garden!

cutting roses, directional cut

Look into my eyes ! ... a section-by-section explanation of a rose section.

Where to cut roses.

How to cut roses is easily explained. But do you know where?

How to mix concrete for garden work

Cement has already been invented by the Romans. That means the Concrete mixture with its additives.