Rose cut spring pruning

Down with your roses when forsythia blooms! A comprehensive guide for pcutting roses in the spring.


Pruning rosest: cutting roses in spring
Pruning rosest: cutting roses in spring

The correct time for cutting roses in the spring can be read on other plants. It is a true saying, that when the forsythia blooms you may begin cutting your roses. But some roses grow in the shade or in cooler places, so that you should have a closer look to your individual plant. You should wait for the time when it has first new shoots in the spring that are already 2-7 cm long.

But as can be read in other articles about this subject the rose experts tend to be radical. Because after the moderate rose section in autumn, in the spring it goes another level below. Approximately three to five visible Rose eyes, counted from ground should be left over. You shouldn't cut much deeper, because then it may happen that sleeping rose eyes below the graft union sprout again. And these drives can have completely different properties than the upper part bred.

In spring the autumn section is optimized. And as already mentioned, the rose cut in autumn is only a preventive measure so that the foliage disappears and the Rose can catch less diseases in the wet season. But the cut in the spring follows basically the same system .

Dead wood has to be completely cut out, because this is a possible nest for deseases. Thin, weak shoots are removed as they are not strong enough to flower. The entire rose is cut in accordance to the juice balance to get an equal height of all branches. The rose must be "airy" after the cut, so that any remaining shoot will get enough light .

But now it goes to the finer work. When cutting roses in spring one should look at every single shoot and try to imagine how the rose will look like, when it is once grown. From our earlier rose cut instructions you already know that the roses eyes will grow in the direction in which they show. So it is easy to predict the future growth of the rose without any problems.

And once again we stress that a radical cut does not interest the rose, at all. By cutting radically you just concentrate its vigor in exactly the shoots that you want to promote! So cut the rose down to 3-5 eyes so that each eye top shows to the outside. By doing that the interior will be airy and each rose branch can be supplied with sufficient light. Because also in the inner new shoots will grow, so that the final result will be a well shaped, half-round rose bush.

That's already all! Cutting roses has nothing to do with magic. And you know now how to do it yourself! With old roses, like in the photos, you might have to think a little longer, but after all you will also find the correct cutting position. And if you cut young roses right from the beginning, you never need to make any compromises later. ( By the way, the images are obliquely photographed from above - the shoots are cut in exactly the same height,  even if it does not look like that at the first glance)

Where exactly to cut above a rose eye, at the stem explains this article: " Roses where to cut ." But it's better to read all our instructions for the rose cut, because after it you will be already a specialist. So have fun with fear-free pruning roses !