Pruning trees - Types and Reasons

Trees grow up and get bigger- this can not be avoided. But how they grow can be determined by a cut. Which may be reasons to cut a tree at all explains the following description.


Pruning trees - Types and Reasons

In fact, no tree has to be cut. It just grows like it grows and only this is its natural job. It's only the human use that give different reasons to cut trees anyway. Here are following the main reasons.


It often happens that a tree has simply grown too big. He may be touching adjacent walls of houses, overshadowes the whole garden, so that there hardly anything else flourishing anymore. Or the tree has become asymmetric and ugly due to its uncontrolled form of growth. Then it's time for a horticultural intervention, which is more of an aesthetic nature. The tree is then reduced so far that he gets a balanced form again. Dead and rotting branches have to be removed by default, since they are the favored nest of pathogens. The interior of the remaining thinned crown so far, that no branch points in the direction of another. Because when they grow into each other, they take each other's light. Also they form foci, if these branches rub against each other and will later injure the bark.

Relief cut / care section

Sometimes there is a storm and a branch breaks off. Sometimes one simply begins to rot and sometimes the branches are so heavy that they threaten break off of itself by their own weight. At all of these symptoms, you should ensure that you cut in advance, for that noone gets it on the head. And even if no one is running around under this tree, it is better to set a clean cut, rather than to get a ruptured break in the timber. Even there the moisture has its difficulties to evaporate and then forms a basis for rotting, fungus and all sorts of other plant diseases. These can significantly weaken the remaining tree, so that he eventually completely atrophies. When such outbreaks are directly avoided, the deseases can not spread to the rest of the tree. So - cut before something unexpected happened!

Thereby you only have to note, that the tree gets a symmetrical shape again, in which the weight is balanced. Moreover, one should set each cut at a slight angle so that rain water can not drip off. But this actually happens automatically, while cutting. Nowadays he wounds are now no longer sealed with grafting wax, but remain open. So that all the moisture can evaporate freely. When sealed with grafting wax experience showede, that it often rottened under the wax!


Harvest section for fruit trees

The income section is a third main reason to cut trees. It aims to promote the fruiting and is a signifacntly more delicate discipline. The necessary background knowledge, we therefore summarize in a separate article named "pruning trees". A cute gardener saying is this: If you can throw your hat through the tree it is properly cut. Now you know the main reasons for pruning trees. But there are some others.

In addition, you can use the cut of trees to produce Bonsais or to get exotic tree shapes. However, such fields of activity are somewhat too specific for an average garden owner. Maybe we'll explain it later.