Directional cut at roses

Look into my eyes ! ... a section-by-section explanation of a rose section.


cutting roses, directional cut
cutting roses, directional cut
cutting roses, directional cut

In many (german) books and websites is legible that one should cut down the roses in late fall to a certain eye ... but what the heck is an eye ?
This is what we will clarify in this article and also to show that this rule is true, but not always feasible. Each rose is unique and not always the same standard plant. Also the statement in late autumn is not quite correct, because a rose can bloom until winter, as long as the frost does not destroy the new shoots . "After the end of the growing phase " would be better expressed. However, we will remain calling it autumn-section. But before there is time to explain the cut in fall, you should better know where to cut, anyway!

How such an rose eye looks is shown in the photos. They are usually pretty easy to identify. And only in such places the rose has the ability to form side shoots. As easy to see a rose eye is similar to a mouth with tongue sticked out. Above the " lower lip " there is a small point that exactly marks the origin of a possible new shoot. This is important to know because that is also the direction in which this shoot will grow! And that means that you can determine the shape of a rose-bush by the section at the right eye. Because after the cut the shoot grows in in the direction in which it shows!

The eyes of a rose are shifted at both sides of the stem and show in different directions. A statement that you shall cut roses at the fourth or fifth eye is therefore not quite right and make only a rough rule. Because whether the fourth or fifth eye is facing outwards is very questionable. The aim of the rose cut is namely to cut the entire plant to a horizontal form, so that the interior gets light and airy. So no  stems should be cut above eyes, that point in the inner. ( see Article juice scales! )

Especially old roses are of an individual growth like it is shown in the photo besides. At this old rose the right stem has already four eyes in less than 10 centimeters of height ( the fourth on the back is not visible ). The other stems it is totally different so that it is completely impossible to cut off at the same number of eyes at the same height.

But don't worry - if you have once understood the principle of the juice level and the direction cut, which is described here, the rose itself tells you where she wants to becut. So take a look at your roses carefully and simply dare!

Garden trick :
There are also "sleeping eyes ", which are not recognizable. These are usually at the base of the plant and only drive out when the rose is radically cut.
As a complement :
There are two important points in time for the rose cut. The spring and late autumn. Throughout the growth phase in between, there is the continuous summer-section which is not less important ! (Rose cut - summer)