Maple tree: No cut is the best cut

The maple tree belongs to the plants that do not like to be cut. But we do not want to deprive you a possibility how it will survive without any damage. The reason is because a maple tree will bleed when it is cut at the wrong time.

How to cut hydrangeas

Cutting Hydrangeas. When and how?

Pruning a walnut tree

Pruning extreme. If you plan to cut a walnut tree, you must exactly know at which season. If not, you'll get an unexpected experience!

How to cut a weeping willow

This is a requested article about the weeping willow. Many of our visitors are interested in this strongly growing tree. Perhaps because it's born to be wild?

Pruning trees - Types and Reasons

Trees grow up and get bigger- this can not be avoided. But how they grow can be determined by a cut. Which may be reasons to cut a tree at all explains the following description.

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