Spreader / Fertilizer Cart

With a spreader cart one can produce evenly growing surfaces or even destroy them. Learn what it takes to use it.


Spreader / Fertilizer Cart
Spreader / Fertilizer Cart

A very good invention to uniformly deploy fertilizer, lawn seeds or similar things on large areas is a  spreader cart. It does not only save seeds or fertilizer but may also prevent serious damage.

Especially when fertilizing many people think "much helps much". But the opposite is the case, because if you over-fertilize, the lawn gets yellow and dies by too much concentration of the product. Applied by hand, there is the danger that one can not spread the right amount properly or some places get more fertilized than others. These spots will visibly grow greener, higher or will even die, as already mentioned. If used incorrectly, you can even sometimes see in foreign gardens at what point of the lawn the fertilizer bag was opened. Since then a distinct recognizable silhouette of brown or "too green" grass is formed on the lawn.

This can be avoided by using a fertilizer cart, which distributes the fertilizer absolutely evenly. A hot tip is to fill and empty it off the lawn, because there is always dripping something out. Such piles on thelawn will burn it and form ugly yellow dots.

The amount of the ejection can be regulated in such spreader carts, so that you can evenly fertilize or sow. The correct setting is mostly written on the fertilizer bags from the same manufacturer. This allows a homogeneous growth of the lawn. Because even a uniformly poor lawn looks better than one with green spots, brown sprinkles or yellow stripes.


Garden tric :
The amount of the ejection of a fertilizer cart usually works over a wheel mechanism. That means, it always works as soon as it rolls! Also when you turn back in a curve at the end of a line. But then the inner radius gets the whole load of fertilizer on one point! In order to avoid excessive concentrations you should just up the spreader cart at the end of a path and then turn it around and continue with the next track. If not the lawn of the inner circle might be burned by too much fertilizer.