Plug-in systems for garden tools

Leading through technique. Gardening does not begin in the flower bed! Interchangeable tools make the gardener's life a lot easier.


Plug-in systems for garden tools
Plug-in systems for garden tools

A very good idea of the manufacturers of garden accessories was to separate the individual tools from the stalk and make it interchangeable with a sophisticated plug-in system. This saves a lot of space. As well as in the garage of the garden owner, as well as in the vehicle of the gardener, as well for the working in the garden itself.  The tool attachments can be easily changed by pressing a button until you hear a click. Then they are rock solid and ready to use.

An army of bulky garden tools may belong to the past, if you decide to. But that this is truly not a gimmick, you can see at the fact, that professional gardeners love it. We nearly never destroyed one of the interchangeable tools, even at daily use. Which particular manufacturer we prefer, you can recognize at nearly all of our photos of garden tools. We won't say anything about other producers. We don't want to, because the presentes plug in system has proven its quality over many years.

Principly, the actual tool attachments are relatively small. But if they are spread, each with their own stalk, criss-cross in the garden, they are wonderful traps. And usually they lay around where you just want to work. This can be avoided by taking a single stalk per person. Just throw the attachments, that you will probably need in a big bucket or vat. This is very pleasant, because more than five rigidly mounted garden tools, you can not carry at one grip in the garden, anyway. They are just too bulky and slip out of your hand.

Although the stalks out of beech or ash wood do not last forever, they are surprisingly robust. They last at least a few years at intensive use- mostly even longer. It may happen that the clutch mechanism gets dirty in the stalk and will no longer operate correctly. A decent portion of thin oil helps nearly always. But that is an exception, because actually his part of the garden tool never touches the ground.

Gardening plug-in systems get our clear recommendation. Such a plug-in system eases gardening enormously, helps to save space and to keep order.